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The project “Validation of skills and knowledge for strengthening the positions of low-qualified employees in the labour market – ValidAid” started in October 2010. It has duration of two years and is expected to end in September 2012.

This project aims at developing methods and tools for identifying and validating competences in the workplace and opening gateways to education and training to make it easier for low qualified individuals to develop their competences, and by that secure their position on the labour market.

The project consortium includes seven organisations from six countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Iceland, France, Lithuania and Portugal. The partnership includes international universities, research centers, training and counselling organisations.

IPS  European Center for Quality  Multidisciplinary European Research Institute Graz  Vilniaus Kolegija  Centro de Iniciativas Empresariais e Sociais  Institut Supérieur d'Electronique de Paris  Fraedslumdstod Atvinnulifsins

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